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As you begin your search for the most suitable watering system for your garden, you may have come across the term “reticulation.”

Before you call Alessio’s Gardens to install a reticulation watering system, it is helpful to understand what it is about first.

Alessio's Gardens installing reticulation in a Perth garden
A grass and reticulation installation in a Perth backyard

What is Reticulation?

You do not have to be an avid gardener to discern the importance of water in keeping your plants and entire garden healthy. There comes a time, however, when you have to go away for a holiday. You may not be home one day, which means no one will be able to water the plants.

Perth can be hot, dry and at times, unforgiving with its weather, which can heavily damage your plants and crops. You need to find a solution that will ensure your garden receives adequate water supply day in and day out.

This is where reticulation becomes useful. It is often known as an irrigation or watering system for your garden. Before we dive into more details about reticulation, it is essential to know the subtle differences between irrigation and reticulation.

ivy growing off the side of a wall.

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Before and after the installation of a reticulation system

Irrigation vs Reticulation

Irrigation, to put it simply, is an umbrella term that tackles all forms of artificial watering methods. It can be anything from something as simple as hand watering.

Modern techniques of irrigation involve ditches that are dug in line with the crops. Water is then supplied using a rainwater reservoir. In some areas where rivers are accessible, the body of water is utilised to provide water to a farm.

In the backyard, you can also use the method described above. However, Perth is mostly comprised of sandy soils. You may have noticed that water drains quickly, which means it may be difficult for the roots to receive water. Plus, the hot sun will almost immediately cause water to evaporate from the soil surface.

Reticulation is the Underground Pipes

Therefore, irrigation requires a special piece of equipment developed to operate water sprinklers. These sprinklers get their water supply typically from underground piping. It is what we know as reticulation.

Irrigation and reticulation differ in such a way that the latter is specific to the underground watering system for gardens. It is mostly found in Western Australian homes, such as in Perth. There is a difference in scale as well, where irrigation uses artificial means of introducing water while reticulation refers to the complete watering system.

The sprinkler networks are utilised to supply water to plants and the entire garden. This way, it will survive even during the long summers.

Reticulation in garden
Reticulation installation Perth

Different Reticulation System Components

There are certain crucial components that makeup reticulation systems, including:

  • Control Box: This computer system lets you set the time and days for watering. Make sure that you use this function properly based on the regulations of the Department of Water for your area. Otherwise, you risk a fine.
  • Popup sprinklers: The heads of the sprinklers are pushed up with the power of water pressure. The sprinklers will then distribute the water all over the lawn. It is important to have them installed underground so that the lawnmowers will not destroy them.
  • Underground pipes: PVC piping is essential in transporting water to the sprinkler heads. Often, they are installed at least 30 cm below the lawn level to avoid interfering with the plants’ root systems.

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