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No garden makeover task is too small at Alessio’s Gardens. We make sure that all changes, whether they are additions or reductions, will add to the overall beauty and value of your garden.

As a property owner with a garden, you will agree that there is no greater feeling than watching it turn from plain and uninviting, into your majestic garden paradise.

However, it will take a lot of time and effort to improve your tired and worn out garden. A garden makeover is essential for breathing new life into this wonderful outdoor space. Although it is exciting, redesigning can go wrong, quickly, if you don’t understand the basics.

Thankfully, the experts at Alessio’s Gardens are here to rescue you.

Before shot of a garden and pool area makeover
Before Garden Makeover
The after shot of a fully completed garden makeover by Alessio's Gardens.
After Garden Makeover
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Does Your Garden Need an Overhaul?

Here are the symptoms to watch out for which scream that your garden is in dire need of a makeover:

  • Out-dated Design

    Gardening design trends are ever-changing, and new styles are popping up regularly. Although it is not a requirement to stay updated when designing your garden, it does increase its overall appeal. Plus, some designs are not only about the visual aspect but also the garden’s functionality.

  • Poor Functionality

    Your garden is there, not only to enhance the look and overall feel of your outdoor space. Gardens can be helpful, especially if you have vegetables or even fruits in your yard. At this point, it may be time to check the functionality of the plants in the garden.

    If one or more of these apply to your garden, it make just be time to contact Alessio’s Gardens to get your garden renovation underway.

  • Dying Plants

    There are several reasons why many of your plants are dying. It could be that the plants don’t receive adequate sunlight and water or perhaps you have no means of pest and disease control.

Our Commitment to Gardening Excellence

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Garden festival 2019
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    Gardening Excellence On Display

    This video gives you a special look at the stellar work of Alessio Paoletti of Alessio’s Gardens on display at the Perth Garden Festival. Cherise Haslam, the Garden Deva, and Vincenzo Cicala of Meme Flooring join Alessio as they explore the fantastic garden creations.

    Alessio creates brilliant one-of-a-kind gardens, but he focuses on more than aesthetics alone. Some of the themes featured in this video of his work include:

    •  Sustainability
    • Up-cycling and repurposing of materials
    • Providing habitats for various garden helpers such as birds, insects, and frogs
    • Free-flowing and natural garden beds
    • Blending form and function with creativity and comfort to create enjoyable alfresco areas

    Creative With Space

    In addition to eco-responsibility, Alessio is extremely gifted in the creative use of space. He shows some brilliant ideas on how to maximise nature while conserving space. His ideas that make the most of existing elements blended with unique touches are a wondrous sight.

    You may notice some novel elements that could surprise you, however, in the hands of a skilled artisan, they flow together seamlessly to create truly special focal points. There are also many mini-masterpieces to be found throughout Alessio’s Gardens display above.

    Gardening perfection at the Perth Gardening Festival by Alessio's Gardens.

    See What Our Clients Are Saying From Our Reviews

    We have built a reputation around a premium gardening service in every area.
    We regularly receive positive reviews, repeat business and referrals from happy clients.

    • 5 star review  Great Job Alessio. Garden looks amazing. Thanks for your advice made a big difference. Cheers, Phil

      thumb Phil Morgan

      5 star review  Thank you Alessio and all your team for such hard work. You came as highly recommended and didn’t disappoint.We love our new backyard and look forward to watching it transform as the trees and plants get bigger.All the best in the future.Artiom and Dana

      thumb Dana Moscaliov
    • 5 star review  We used Alessio and his team for a large job to transform our backyard and front garden. The results were amazing and we are very happy with the job, he takes a lot of pride in his work and the quality of his workmanship is very high. They were always well manned, always on time and on budget throughout the whole project. The follow up service after the project has been completed has also been excellent. We can highly recommend him.

      thumb Mark Clapham

      5 star review  Alessio was great to deal with. Price was fair he was punctual and communicated well. workmanship was top notch. highly recommend and will happily use again

      thumb Adam Skowron
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    What Are the Benefits Of a Garden Makeover?

    It’s no small feat to undertake a garden makeover, the time & cost may seem a little daunting, but here are a few benefits that you will see:

    • First Impressions Last

      We all want to make a good first impression, whether in our personal or professional life. This also stands true for your home or business. A garden makeover can transform what people will think when lay eyes on the little piece of paradise you call your garden.

    • It Adds Value to Your Property

      If a buyer is looking at your property, seeing a radiant and inviting outdoor space could help seal the deal, winning over both their head and heart. A new buyer could envision this as being their new family utopia.

    • You Get to Create a More Useful Space

      Many clients tend to have poorly designed or underutilised gardens. With a makeover, you can transform this space into a charming area that could be a haven of leisure activities and a hub for friendly gatherings.

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