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Award-Winning Garden Landscaping in Perth

Welcome to Alessio’s Gardens, where our mission is to exceed your expectations with top quality garden and landscaping services. Whether your project is for a residential or commercial property, we can help transform your area into something special.

We are with you every step of the way, providing you with our expertise and knowledge. With years of training and experience as a landscaper in Rome, Italy. We are helping bring a taste of Italy to the gardens of Western Australia.

Whether you need a new front garden or a landscape for your business, Alessio’s Gardens are here to help with whatever landscape, gardening and reticulation services you may need

We offer a wide variety of services with the following as our main line-up:


From initial design to construction, we will help to create a new garden space that will transform your entire working or living area.


Create something bold & unique, with our expertise in landscaping we can help you breathe new life into an outdoor space, creating your own little patch of paradise.

Watering Systems

We have extensive knowledge of what maintenance gardens need, we can help you maintain your garden for years to come with our reticulation and irrigation systems for all types of properties.

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Perth's Best Landscape Gardeners

Let Alessio’s Gardens take care of every aspect of your garden. From concept to final implementation we work with your goals in mind to create the environment you desire. We, of course, can provide you with options to turn it into reality.

If you are new to garden design, you may not be sure as to how you want your garden to look. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a small space, we will transform it into a breathtaking scene. We can create a paradise in your yard no matter what type of garden you are going for, such as vertical, vegetable, or sustainable gardens.

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Customised Reticulation Systems

Did you know that Australia is currently struggling when it comes to water? As the population expands, the need for water grows. Water utility companies have to endure the problem. They are tasked to look for a solution despite the long periods when there is low rainfall in many parts of the country.

The Australian government has stepped in to help by imposing restrictions on water use in several areas. Irrigation remains a sensitive topic, not only in Australia but in many regions of the world. As a homeowner or business owner with a garden in the property, you have a role to play in saving water.

However, conserving water does not mean you should stop using water altogether. This is where Alessio’s Gardens shines. We have the most suitable irrigation systems designed to help you conserve water while maintaining a healthy garden.

Garden Maintenance Services

Looking out at your majestic garden can be quite rewarding. However, it is no secret that having a garden is not only about having plants, trees, or flowers in the yard. There is a lot of maintenance work involved. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to spend hours taking the required care of their garden.

From irrigation repair, weeding to lawn maintenance, we have got you covered. Alessio’s Gardens will take all the hard work out of gardening. We will also take care of mowing your lawn, trimming and pruning your hedges, and even removing the rubbish.

If you want to see some shining examples of our work, why not check out our Instagram where you can get to know more about the company. We regularly update this our latest projects from start to finish, so you can see the transformations taking shape.

Each garden and owner is unique, we want to work with you to help create the lasting garden of your dreams. Get in touch with Alessio’s Gardens today to start your garden’s transformation!

Garden maintenance services offered by Alessio's gardens in Perth
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